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The Catalyst for Cats Tiny Tim Fund is used exclusively to pay expenses for the special needs cats that come into our care. If a cat can be saved with reasonable effort, we will do our best to obtain the best care we can. Those we have helped include amputees, FIV-positive cats, a partially paralyzed cat, even two little blind kittens and many others. While not all of these cats survived, all of them were treated with the help of this fund, and most found loving homes.

This fund was originally set up for one very special cat, Tiny Tim, whose hind legs were crippled. Whether congenital or from injury, this beautiful fluffy black and white tuxedoed kitten did not seem to know he had a disability. A trip to the vet was inconclusive as to the cause of the paralysis, but he continued to thrive. From the time that he was caught, at about five weeks of age, along with his siblings and mother, Tiny Tim often could be seen dashing around like the wind, chasing leaves and dragging his legs behind him.

Tiny TimIn good time, his siblings were adopted by loving families, but Tiny Tim and his mother stayed behind. Momma would catch mice and gophers, bringing them to her son, and they would often share the meal. She even taught him to hunt successfully, as he was observed catching his own mouse.

Although he also had digestive and bowel problems requiring special handmade diapers and nightly baths, this little fighter lived for two years with two very special people who loved him unconditionally.

The resilience of cats is amazing. The fight to survive is strong and, after their initial fright, they seem to sense we are trying to help them. Our reward for our efforts is contented purring as they settle into our homes and hearts. Timmy will never be forgotten.

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